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How TO Be Useful TO Humanity – The Birth of Silk

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Silky was a silkworm who wanted to be useful to humanity, even though that would cost him his own life. He thought that he could build houses for the homeless with his precious thread. Alas! Mother Earth had different plans for him; she wanted him to dress up elegant people worldwide with his fascinating silk, which has a myriad of shades and colours.

The True Meaning of CHRISTMAS

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Mariah dreamed that night a special ‘grotto’ where Jesus was born, which she would

like to share with you. You may do it this year to adorn your home in honour of the

Birth of Jesus. The ‘grotto’ is in the form of a lampshade which you may cut out,

as well as the Sacred Family and all the people, the angels, and the animals of the

Christmas stall. If you could get a small led light which changes colours your grotto

will be awesome! You may add decorations and the other figurines according to your

creativity to show the Baby Jesus how much you love Him.

Remember, God loves you and is waiting for you to open yourself to him so that He

may born again in your heart.

Shirley And Her Friends The Dolphins – Listen To The Silence

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The tale is about a little girl by the name of Shirley who didn’t want to talk because she had to listen to the silence and keep a secret until it was time for her to reveal it.

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