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Penguin Marina’s Transformational Journey



The tale is about a penguin which wanted to travel to Europe. From the Antarctic pole, Marina had pursued her dream, day by day with willpower, until she had achieved her goal. She had met her soulmate. She had overcome many obstacles, and together with her family she arrived in Genoa. Marina wanted to tell us a message of perseverance. She made us understand that you can make your dreams come true if you really want to.

The Joy Of Giving – Thy Will Be Done


The Joy OfGiving (1)

This is the story of Eva Charles, a wonderful and very creative girl who live on an enchanted island, Mahe’ of the Seychelles Archipelago. She was very fond of giving. She made toys and rag dolls to give to her friends. Actually her motto is: ‘There is more joy in giving than in receiving!’ One day she went to the hospital with her dad to see her mum who had given birth to her brother Dave. There, she met a sad little girl who was in poor health, was an orphan, and in desperate need of affection, of a family, and a home. Eva did everything in her power to “adopt” her frail little friend



Jessica Brown had known so much sadness after the sudden death of her beloved grandma, which occurred some two years before. The doctor had ordered her parents to take her somewhere so that she may overcome her grief. Jessica chose to go to the Seychelles because she was planning to go with her adorable grandma. She had prayed for what she wanted, which she would like to share with you. During her trip in the enchanted Seychelles, she also had the most incredible, beautiful surprise!

Yes I Can! – To Think Is To Create

by Jane Edna Stravens

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Eddy was a courageous dolphin. He has taught us that we can really think and create our destiny in order to have a wonderful life. And most of all, he has taught us to use the divine power to create our life the way we want it to be. He has heard it from a wise man who told his friend while they were fishing in high sea. Eddy was paralysed, but with the power of his mind and meditation, he was able to win other fantastic competitions, giving breathtaking emotions to his fans once more.

How to Be Useful To Humanity – The Birth of Silk

By Jane Edna Stravens

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Silky was a silkworm who wanted to be useful to humanity, even though that would cost him his own life. He thought that he could build houses for the homeless with his precious thread. Alas! Mother Earth had different plans for him; she wanted him to dress up elegant people worldwide with his fascinating silk, which has a myriad of shades and colours.


Shirley And Her Friends The Dolphins – Listen To The Silence

By Jane Edna Stravens 

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The tale is about a little girl by the name of Shirley who didn’t want to talk because she had to listen to the silence and keep a secret until it was time for her to reveal it.


The True Meaning of Christmas

By Jane Edna Stravens

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Mariah dreamed that night a special ‘grotto’ where Jesus was born, which she would

like to share with you. You may do it this year to adorn your home in honour of the

Birth of Jesus. The ‘grotto’ is in the form of a lampshade which you may cut out,

as well as the Sacred Family and all the people, the angels, and the animals of the

Christmas stall. If you could get a small led light which changes colours your grotto

will be awesome! You may add decorations and the other figurines according to your

creativity to show the Baby Jesus how much you love Him.

Remember, God loves you and is waiting for you to open yourself to Him so that He

may born again in your heart.

I wish you a Merry Christmas!



Me: Jane Edna Stravens as Miss Seychelles

and a Miss World Finalist!

How To Lose Weight Fast And Stay Slim With The Tasty Italian Cuisine By Jane Edna Stravens

Weight          pic17

I have apply the method plans and the recipes in this ebook: “How To Lose Weight Fast And Stay Slim With The Tasty Italian Cuisine”  to get rid of 15 extra pounds which was bothering me. These healthy recipes are tasty and good for children too! Next to it, there is a bonus ebook: “10 Useful Tips To Enjoy Yourself While Losing Weight Fast” It’s a gift for you!

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BIO: Jane Edna Stravens was born in the Seychelles. She devotes her time to volunteer work. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in theology and works with children, teaching catechism and the arts. Her love for children has push her to dedicate this novel to them. She looks forward to do more for children especially for those in need. Jane was once upon a time a Miss Seychelles and also a Miss World Finalist!


“Jane Edna Straven’s book “Marina’s Transformational Journey” is at once an adorable read and an educational one regarding how to follow and create your dreams.  As a goal achievement expert I find this subject near and dear to my heart.  It is vitally important to teach our children this idea of accomplishing our hearts desire (and how to do so). I highly recommend Jane’s book for its engaging Penguin story, great read, and fantastic art work – all created by the talented author.”
Debbi Dachinger,Goal Achievement Experthttp://www.deborahdachinger.com/Award-Winning, Syndicated Host of “Dare to Dream” Radio & TV, International Bestselling Author




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Testimonial of Berthilde Laporte: I read this magical and intriguing little book: “How To Be Useful To Humanity” –  “The Birth of Silk”…very sweet… heartwarming and inspirational intertwined with lovely colours…amazing friendship ..filled with compassion and unconditional love… Parents …please make it part of your child’s Christmas gift! Love it! November 22 at 5:05pm on Facebook


How to Be Useful to Humanity – The Birth of Silk

Penguin Marina’s Transformational Journey – Follow Your Dreams 
5.0 out of 5 starsDelightful little book for all ages.
on June 1, 2017Published on Amazon.com
What a delightful little book for all ages. As it touches imagination, belief, determination, endurance, love, faith, hope, willingness, persistence, encouragement, to follow one’s dream, adventure and so much more. Great story that resonates!
Book CoverThe tale is about a penguin which wanted to travel to Europe from the Antarctic pole. She wanted to tell us a message of perseverance, and she had made us understand that you can make your dream come true if you really want to. Find out in this book how to attract what you want in life.

A big fan of yours